5 tips to get you doing more from home!

Ever since the pandemic put us all in a lockdown more and more working professionals are working from their home offices. While everyone has their own approach to work, the following tips from experts and professionals telecommuting from home might help you get more done from home!

  • Never stop socializing:
  • The one thing that every professional working from home misses about their office is socializing with their colleagues. Remote working doesn’t mean that socializing should stop, in fact it is the need of the hour during these times! 

  • Set up your mobile office:
  • This should have come before tip #1 but organizing and buying essential office equipment is super important! Experts believe that if the working space at home is organized and made to resemble like an office, motivation and productivity increases by 10 folds! 

  • Maintain communication:
  • It is hard to find what you need while at home. At office, information and relevant people are usually accessible, that’s not the case while telecommuting from home. Ask questions, be transparent about where you are struggling and to recreate the level of communication you had back at the office. 

  • Create a morning routine!
  • Just like you used to have a morning routine before the pandemic, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have one now! Get up early, get your workouts in, prepare a to-do list and grab a cup of your favorite coffee and get to grinding! 

  • Go out!
  • As much as work may be important to you but going out, getting that sunshine and taking in the breath of fresh air is also super important! Don’t worry your work can wait for you but your health won’t!

    Try and apply these 5 tips while working from home and let us know if you see any results! For more reading material like this, visit www.Melonish.com!

    Stay Melonish :)

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