How to beat procrastination while working from home!

Humans have an amazing ability to adapt themselves with their surroundings. The environment in which we are present, determines a lot of things, that is why special care is applied when designing the layout of an office. Back at home, our body adapts to being comfortable and at ease, that could lead to decreased motivation and increased procrastination.

Here are some tips you could use to beat procrastination while telecommuting from home:

1. Put your phone AWAY!

That’s right, put it away, put it on silent and as a matter of fact turn the notification ringer off from all of your social media apps! Getting distracted during your prime work hours can hinder your ability to meet your objectives significantly! 

2. Establish a working hour schedule:

Professionals working from home suggest that a person must not look at a working day as only from 9-5 but they should break down their working hours with some short breaks in between that could be just only stretching, getting a quick bite or just resting your eyes and taking a power nap.

3. Early bird gets the worm:

Research shows that waking up early can literally make or break your momentum! Waking up early can let you plan your day ahead and take charge of it. Set up a specific time, in which you can wake up early and try to establish a regular habit of waking up around that time. Your motivation levels would be off the charts!

However, it’s important to also know that not everyone is a morning person and you’re not doomed for failure if you are not able to wake up early. 

Let us know if these tips helped you in increasing your motivation to work and for more reading materials like this, visit!

Stay Melonish :)

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