About us

Welcome to MELONISH!
We live in unprecedented times of viruses. Our world outside and our way of doing things has transformed dramatically. More and more people are opting to stay home unless they absolutely need to step out. Our way of working, gyming, and socialising has all taken a major turn.

This led to the discovery of

MELONISH is a ‘state of mind’. A homely state of mind where you simply do more from home. We have evolved immensely so why shouldn’t our products. 

Professional work can be draining and exhausting, although passion may push us to work hard and stay motivated but things would be better if our work could be done more faster and easily. Hence, MELONISH provides tools for telecommuters, helping them clear the clutter, keep them focused, organized and above all, fresh.

Our vision is to "revolutionize the work environment by bringing it home" 

Team Melonish.

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